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“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”   
                                                                                                     – Jim Collins

Whether you’re an emerging, mid-size or large nonprofit, Staffing Boutique is here to serve you. No two projects are the same and a cookie cutter approach simply won’t work. This is why we tailor every project by being laser focused on the voice and the needs, both spoken and unspoken, of the client.


We serve clients on both ends of the employment spectrum – employment seekers and motivated employers. This allows us the ability to properly vet talent and encourage them to further hone their skills in order to be in a position for the right opportunity when it arrives. By pre-screening and having a working relationship with our specialists, we gain a greater knowledge of the candidate’s capabilities, work style and work ethic. This benefits our employers as we can then merge their needs checklist with our verified talent pool database.


Employment seekers can explore fit and career options with a potential employer through temp services or temp to hire opportunities. In addition, for those seeking permanent placement they can register to be added to our talent pool for easy application for future opportunities.


Motivated employers benefit from accessing the service that best fits their current needs. Staffing Boutique specialists will work with the employer to help refine their search, ensure fit with our Fit Integration System and release the tedious and time consuming work of screening, review, matching, etc. to our specialists, thereby; allowing them time to focus on other critical aspects of their organization.