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Career Counseling

The average person changes careers three to seven times in their lifetime.


In search of the job of your dreams? Unsure where your skills can truly shine?
Let Staffing Boutique help shorten that discovery curve. Our specialists can take a true inventory and analysis of your skills while exploring possibilities for your career. We use specialized assessment tools, coaching and more to factor in all the elements that will result in your rewarding future. We map your options, determine your strongest assets and connect it to a real career path.
Let’s plan your next career move.

Job Search

On average, experts found on average it takes about five months to find a job.


Are you in search of a job that is both rewarding and challenging?


Staffing Boutique specialists can lend you our broad industry expertise to take your resume to the front of the line. We offer resume writing with proper keywords and formatting that will wow potential employers. Leverage career counseling to target your search. Show  potential employers you’re laser focused on your career aspirations. Our specialists use the Fit Integration System to find the perfect match.


Your right opportunity is just a click away.

Temp Work

Gain practical work experience, have flexibility in your schedule and earn as you go.


Are you in need of a flexible schedule? Do you like new experiences? Why not test the waters?


At Staffing Boutique, we recognize no two candidates are the same. Temp work allows you to explore options. Find a fit that’s right for you while discovering or strengthening your own talents along the way. Temp employment has many benefits – greater flexibility, the opportunity to learn new or improve existing skills and benefits upon reaching a set number of worked hours.


We’re waiting to take this journey with you. 

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Development, Programs, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing, Operations, Etc.



Executive Assistants, Development Assistants, Database Administrators, Clerical, Etc.


Our staffing specialists are here to help you advance your career and land your next incredible opportunity.